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Wow! South Africa’s Modisana Mabale Transforms Local Dumpsites To Eco-friendly Recreational Parks

Modisana Mabale, a poet, creational writer and environmentalists has been tagged a local hero for his eco-friendly projects in turning dumpsites that have become an eyesore, into recreational parks.

In his desire to make an impact in his society, the 35-year old from Tshepiso in Emfuleni and Sedibeng municipalities decided to create clean and relaxing places with performing arts, to make the environment more comfortable for the citizen. A true testament to this fact is a park constructed from a dumpster in ditsensheng section.


35-year old Mabale was working on a documentary of illegal dump sites for his honors paper and was outstanded by the alarming number of dumpsites in the area. Inspired by this new found knowledge, he sought the opinion of people and discovered that he wasn’t the only one who detested living in filthy environments.

He founded a ‘street arts government initiative’ to push people to his cause. By dressing up in his Sunday’s best, together with his friends to eat in the dumpster, an act of defiance that definitely caught the attention of the residents who were appalled by the act.

This then spurred the residents to join in cleaning the place ,an act which took approximately 4 months to complete, but was worth it at the end.

Modisana Mabale
Modisana Mabale

The young man who began this project without funding is now employing people to his cause and has been receiving steady backing from Sharpeville’s theatre practitioner and veteran artist Gamakhulu Dingiso.

The project, founded by Mabale has since grown from to something that even the mayor of Emfuleni is willing to invest in. Mabale and his crew of friends have decided to push on with their projects by tackling other spaces and areas while still lroviding a more conventional way of disposing dirt in the community, a goal which is in line with global sustainable development that emplores countries to preserve spaces and avoid land degradation.

Well Done Modisana Mabale! We Celebrate You!

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