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Without Any Formal Education, Nigeria’s Textile And Batik Designer Nike Okundaye Lectures In Harvard And Other Top Universities

Nike Okundaye’s story is a confirmation that looking beyond ones boundaries and focusing on achieving one’s set goals will surely lead one to success.

Nike Okundaye, is a renowned Nigerian textile and batik designer, who despite having no formal education has reached heights higher than what one would expect from someone with no formal education in this present age. Nike has become an international sensation and now likened to a ‘goddess’ in some parts.

The founder of popular Nike Art Gallery, was born in one of the rural areas of ogidi, ijumu local government area of kogi state, Nike who at a tender age had high dreams for herself, lost her mother at the age of 6, effectively truncating those dreams even before they were properly hatched.

She was taken to live with her grandmother was a popular cloth weaver in the community. Owing to the unavailability of sufficient funds, her dreams of going to school was wiped and another, based on the world of arts was born, closely monitored by her grand mother.
” I started by weaving different things, including adire and everything that includes textile ” she said.

Madam Nike with an expatraite in her gallery
Madam Nike with an expatraite in her gallery

With no formal education, Nike worked hard on the vocation passed onto her by her late grandmother and became an expert in adire weaving, dyeing, painting and embroidery.

Her exposure to international limelight came during an exhibition at the George institute know Lagos, in 1968 and has since then grown to become an international house hold name.

Her name fast spread internationally when she received an invitation from the international government to teach sex workers some vocational skills in order to give them a purpose.


In 2006, she received one of the highest international Italian award for her exemplary services and about two years ago, her adire painting was accepted at the Smithsonian museum, the world’s largest museum located in the United States.

Owing to her level of excellence in the art world, she has since taught in Harvard and other top universities, imparting her knowledge on adire making on eager students around the world.

Her gallery is situated in Lagos, Abuja and Osogbo, an institute which according to her started in her bedroom in 1968.

Without formal education, the 64 years old have been able to impact greatly and also lecture individuals with doctorate degrees and more, further disclaiming the fact that one cannot succeed without education.

This  inspirational story should  motivate you, keep you on track to achieve  only success  and nothing more.

Keep Going Madam Nike Okundaye! We Celebrate You !

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