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Why You Really Need Espact UI/UX Design Course Training

UX/UI design is one of the fastest-growing professions in the US, with LinkedIn reporting that in 2020 alone, the number of UX design hires increased by 5X from the previous year. But that’s just one of many reasons to consider learning UI/UX design . Read on to learn more about why you need the course or get into UI/UX design right now.

Throughout the course, you will learn all the skills you need to assist companies in delivering the right UI and UX for their products.
All techniques included in the teaching are tried-and-tested industry standards, which will equip you with the very best knowledge to start you off on your new professional path.

The practical hands-on training on UI / UX design aspect will help you understand what UX and UI designers do, how they do it, and how you can get started in the field,

During the training you will be taught how to create a user experience and intuitive, interactive interfaces of a product that customers will love. An introduction to the main areas of user experience work, and why it matters

How to start building a UX portfolio to land yourself a UX role. You will also learn how to work with product creator, app developers, website programmers even if you don’t have any knowledge of coding

You will be able to create various UX and UI deliverables from the beginning of a UX and UI project right to the end, ranging from customer journey maps to paper prototypes during and after that course training and also learn how to create UX and UI portfolio—something that will truly make an impact on your job applications.

User interface and user experience design is a high-demand field, but the skills and knowledge you will learn in this Specialization are applicable to a wide variety of careers, from marketing to web design to human-computer.

Enroll for UI/UX Design Training at Espact Academy . Start a demanding career as a UI/UX designer by learning how to design attractive mobile and web app interface for yourself, companies and startups.

Our first Cohort for UI/UX design (basic level) course in Espact Academy this year starts February 10,2022.

It’s a mix of online and physical practical classes. Practical classes will happen only on Saturdays.

At end of the course you will not only have started designing users interfaces of applications like a professional but also have unlimited job opportunities

We have few slots left . To enroll for this course send a Whatsapp/ Telegram message to 08081553042.

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