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Why Toyota Corolla is The Most Bought Car Brand In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the Toyota Corolla is the most bought Toyota car but this didnt just happen,there have been a relationship between Nigeria and Toyota which began in 1965 when the brand was first introduced.

Over the decades, Toyota grew into the status of preference it now enjoys. The brand is as much a part of our society, as it is our stories. We buy it brand new, Tokunbo or Nigerian-used. Toyota features in our ‘owanbe’, family trips and holidays.

Toyota Nigeria displays a range of vehicles for sale. The Camry, Avensis, Prado and Rav 4 are some of the popular selections. However, in Nigeria, the Corolla outdoes all these in preference.

Why is the Corolla the Most Bought Car?
Resell Value: The Toyota Corolla has great resale value. The average Nigerian would opt for a Toyota Tokunbo if he had to choose among popular auto brands. Nigerian car users agree that a previously used Toyota has a good number of years on it. A properly managed Toyota car will serve its user lastingly and durably.

•Availability of Spare Parts: Another reason for the Toyota Corolla preference in Nigeria is a wide array and availability of car parts. In the auto industry, there are many entrepreneurs who deal in vehicle spare parts alongside the big brands. It is quite a vibrant and rewarding market. Car parts for the Toyota Corolla are readily available to users.

•International Brand Recommendations:Another factor which gives credence to this Corolla preference is Uber. The American multinational transportation network company has a list of specified vehicles for its services. The Toyota Corolla features on that list. When Uber gained prominence in Nigeria, the company received an influx of young, enterprising and skilled drivers. Many of these drivers did not have their own vehicles and arranged to earn as drivers while paying the vehicle owners. It is not surprising to find that the Corolla is popular among Uber drivers.

Another thing that makes Toyota Corolla one of the most bought in Nigeria is because regardless of gender, it is good fit for everyone and despite the terrible road networks in some parts of Nigeria, the car’s durability is tested and trusted.

Many users find that the Toyota Corolla is reliable, durable, enjoys availability of spare parts. This also means, invariably, that these users find the car easy to fix whenever such a need arises. Because parts are readily available, mechanics can easily access parts when they need them. Since there are various options in the market, these mechanics can get the best deals.

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