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Why Damilola Olokesusi Started Ride-Sharing Service With Her Rent

Nigerian entrepreneur Damilola Olokesusi was inspired to start a ride-sharing service with her rent because of her personal experience.

Damilola was frustrated by the stress of commuting in Lagos and other nasty experiences boarding commercial transports in the city and this influenced her to start Shuttlers.

Olokesusi launched Shuttlers to revolutionize the transport industry because of the city’s high population density which is made vulnerable to vehicular traffic, resulting in workers and commuters spending several hours in traffic before getting to work or their destination.

Olokesusi got her business ideas by her experience in Dubai with the excellent state of their buses. Olokesusi’s Shuttlers works like Uber. It is a ridesharing app that allows professionals and organizations to share rides in corporate buses to and from work. Passengers shuttle in comfortable air-conditioned buses and cars.

Users book trips along fixed-routes at 60-80 percent lower than ride-hailing services and without surge or peak pricings which is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Since its founding, Shuttlers has sold more than 500 million seats.

Damilola has no business background. She studied chemical engineering at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) with the hope of working with energy giants Shell or Mobil. She was drawn to chemistry because she loved studying patterns to solve problems.

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