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What Next? 5 Things To Do Immediately After Your NYSC

Nigerian graduates who have completed their mandatory service, National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) had their passing out parade (POP) ceremony on Thursday, March 14, 2019.

NYSC which was created to serve as an avenue for reconciliation, reconstruction, and rebuilding of the nation after the civil war.
Corps members are mandated to stay in a three weeks military controlled camp away from family and friends after which they are posted to their Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) where they serve for the rest of their service year.
Although NYSC was created to promote peace and unity of youths from different ethnic groups in Nigeria, this period also served as a self realisation for youths as its opens door to another phase of life.

 As we congratulate the graduates for their latest career achievement, here are five things you can do to keep yourself busy as aside the usual job search, which brings about the question, what next after service year? 

Develop Yourself
The first few months can be used for personal development . Mentally, Physically, and in all ramification. Pick a skill and learn more about it. If already you have what you are good at, you can as well develop on it.

Develop a business idea and execute it: Start your business idea from  small scale using the amount you saved from your  monthly allowance during service

Learn a trade 
Learning a trade after NYSC does not speak less of you. If you check the background of most of the wealthy people in your country or Africa at large, you will find out that they were into trades before they started making millions out of it. Learning a trade is not something to look down on, but an avenue to increase financially.

Be computer literate
You ‘must’ have the ability to use computers and related technology efficiently, with a range of skills to fit into the labour market orthe entrepreneurship world. Remember it’s never too late, so get started.

The Hidden Genius Project

Get Internship Position

As a fresh graduate, any company or position you wish to work, look out for internship opportunities in line with it if available, don’t bend on entry-level position. The internship experience will expose you to new things and gives you in-depth and practical knowledge about your dream job. The five things suggested will go a long way to help you in your career pursuit, make sure you adopt one or two. Once again, Congratulations!

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