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What Global Users Are Saying About Facebook’s New Name ‘Meta’

Tech giant, Facebook is finally achieving its age-long mission of becoming a metaverse company as it announced a global rebrand of its company name to “Meta” and a new logo to further define its new positioning.

Zuckerberg said that he plans to create the “Metaverse” — essentially virtual communities where people can work, play games in augmented reality, shop, and connect via social media VR headsets and smartphone apps, among other futuristic technological activities.

Zuckerberg announced that the company will split into two branches: one focused on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and its other existing apps, and one focused on the development of future platforms. All of the properties will fall under the new brand name Meta. In essence, Facebook will become a subsidiary under the larger umbrella of ‘Meta’.

Users of the social media platform had a field day with the big announcement, most of which were critics of Facebook’s rebrand considering how controversial the company has become.

Users reacted to the billionaire’s announcement of his overarching Facebook company being rebranded as Meta, with critics contending he should have focused on the platform’s existing problems instead.

“Facebook’s new company name is Meta,” one user wrote. “It still has all the same problems it had this morning.”

“I think we’d all prefer you all fixing and perfecting what you’ve already built before focusing on what’s next,” wrote the Twitter user Awale Ahmed Ali. “Lot of work needs to be done here. Far too much to divide your attention with some future project.”

Although, many users are excited and in anticipation of what the new brand features has to offer as it creates new subsidiaries, many are of the belief that the rebranding strategy Facebook has chosen is not what it needs at the moment, but rather focusing on perfecting the current features before moving on to the next.

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