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WCW- Our Woman Crush Is Sandra Uyinmwen

This wednesday we are crushing on Sandra Uyinmwen, a vibrant Lagos based hair entrepreneur who started her growing wig business after watching YouTube videos on it, we find this inspiring and we are celebrating her

Sandra rocking Ekuiyi Wig

Sandra is a married woman and proud mother of two who hails from Edo State who has passion for   hair styling and she decided to get trained for it.

In 2016 she started her salon just like everyone in her field but her business took a great turn in 2016 when a friend played a Youtube video on wig making for her. Sandra was amazed at how easy it was as she had no prior knowledge of wig making.

This led her to adding watching YouTube learning videos to her daily activities till she had full knowledge of the process, and that was how her journey to her thriving wig making business , Ekiuyi Wigs started.

Currently Ekuiyi Wigs has customers both home and abroad whom they make unique hair styles to based on request and referrals.

The successful Nigerian entrepreneur who is married with two amazing children believed that skills acquisition is an effective in empowering the young and unemployed in Nigeria, this fact together with her love for Espact founder, who have been making impact in the lives of Nigerian youths motivated her to volunteer in Espact Academy’s free learning programme tagged 60 Minutes With  Espactists. 

At the programme Sandra will have a practical class on how to make wigs with registered attendees , this is her own way to contribute to the reduction of unemployment in Nigeria.

Looking at Nigeria’s  current economy state, Mrs Uyinmwen said  it is very important that youths learn new skills that they can use to become self employed , he called this an added advantage.

While speaking with Espact Media , Sandra said the major challenge she has  faced in running her business, is getting adequate fund to run. She noted that for a small business owner like her getting loans from Nigerian banks is very had because the policy isn’t business friendly.

When she was asked to enlighten youths about becoming  entrepreneurs she said ‘I will advise that before they venture into any business they should go for proper training, they should discover what works in their industry , build structures in line with it,and most importantly they should venture into something that will give them satisfaction or devices joy doing’

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