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#WCW: Our Woman Crush Is Morayo Afolabi-Brown

Today our woman crush is the delectable Morayo Afolabi-Brown.
Asides being a TV host on the amazing breakfast television program on Television Continental your view, the amazing Morayo is the pioneer/convener of the show and she is also the director of programmes at television continental.
Morayo Afolabi-Brown holds a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Political Science from Rutgers University and an Associate Degree holder in Humanities & Social Sciences from Mercer County College.



Initially, she started her career in the United States as a Sales Executive, but moved to Nigeria since 2004 in order to explore her love for the media.
Since she moved down to Nigeria, Morayo has recorded massive career success in every sphere she worked.
First, she worked as a Client Service manager at CMC Connect, a top PR Agency (with major clients as Unilever and Coca Cola at the time). Then, she moved to CUE Media, a content development company where she developed a TV script, The Room; winning the MNet 2006 NEW DIRECTION project.
Soon enough, Morayo got a job at HiTV and as the Commercial Manager and she substantially increased the company’s advertisement revenue by sealing multi-million dollar deals with major telecommunication companies.
Thus, she became head of Content Development & Acquisition in the company and successfully improved the company’s TV content ratings, both locally and internationally. She initiated and completed multiple channel acquisitions that significantly competed with DSTV and drove up subscriber numbers.

Morayo with Lagos State’s Governor Ambode

Today, her focus and determination has taken her to a place of being the Director Programmes at TVC Entertainment & News Programmes.
She is the brain behind the revamping of the TVC E channel from a news station to a family entertainment station for their loving viewers. The ratings of the station has increased to being amongst the top 3 in Lagos since she joined them. She is known for developing international award- winning programmes on the International channel which has caused the attraction of foreign offers for acquisition.
Morayo is widely known for intense focus on her career, her doggedness and top-notch leadership skills.

She is married to Femi Afolabi-Brown and they have a daughter and a beautiful set of twins.
She loves to inspire young people and she believes people should find their purpose early enough in life.
Her Instagram bio alone says it all. In her own words, “I am a strong woman and a natural leader. I believe that young people should find their purpose early in life. Our individual purposes must be oriented.”
This wednesday, we are crushing on Morayo.

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