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WCW – Our Woman Crush Is Constance Swaniker

Today we are crushing on Constance Swaniker, one of the prominent and recognised entrepreneurs in Africa.

The 46-year old Ghanaian is the Founder and the CEO of Accents & Art, a Ghanaian company that produces high-end artistic products using a combination of exotic woods, wrought iron, cane and glass for furnishing and construction. Also, she is the Vice-President of Stanford Seed Transformation Network.

Internationally recognised as a renowned sculptor, she has been able to impact lives by providing jobs and opportunities for people to learn. Through her company, she was able to found and run a Design & Technology Institute (DTI).

The Design & Technology Institute (DTI) is a hub for engineering and design practice at Accents & Art Limited (AAL) that was launched in March 2016. DTI provides a platform for students from the various universities, polytechnics, technical and vocational institutions to gain industry experience.

Her business sense and intelligence has allowed her create a structure for DTI such that students are able to work closely with artisans on a factory floor whilst being supported by experienced instructors. Students are further exposed to field/site visits to enable them experience first-hand what transpires in industry.

Never one to back down in the face of adversity and she has faced many in her 23 years’ experience in the industry, she keeps fighting on. According to her,

“The entrepreneurship journey is not for the faint-hearted. One must possess enough passion to last a lifetime if they are to sail through the many trials which will come along the journey.”

One area in which she desires to make more impact is in youth education in Africa. The opportunity to provide young Africans with hands-on skills training to enable them set up on their own or gain meaningful employment. Also, she seeks to use her story to encourage a lot more women into taking up vocations traditionally set aside for men.


Her work has been recognized in reputable awards such as

  • Outstanding Industrial Metal Furniture Firm in Ghana Award by wAi Africa
  • The Network Journal Africa 40-under Forty 2010 Achievement Award
  • Best Entrepreneur SME Innovation Award, 2010
  • VLISCO Be Your Dream Award, 2013,
  • Regional and Country Winner of Metal Product of the Year 2013
  • Africa’s Most Influential Women in Leadership and Governance, 2014.

Her goodwill and kindhearted nature to be realistic in finding means to solve problems in Africa and continuously making impactful contributions regardless of gender makes her Espact’s Woman Crush.

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