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WCW: Our Woman Crush Is Chika Madubuko CEO Of Greymate Care 

Our woman crush for today is Nigerian Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Greymate Care, Chika Madubuko, who is changing the game in Geriatrics through the use of technology to connect the at-home elderly people to trained care-givers in Nigeria.

Born in the northern region of Nigeria, Madubuko attended the Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Anambra State, where she studied microbiology, before progressing to biotechnology and bioengineering at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom (UK).

Chika Mabuduko

After graduating, the third-born child in a family of five children, decided to take a leaf out of her entrepreneurial parents’ handbook and venture into business development and sales in the UK before relocating to Nigeria to continue as a business development manager at Novus Agro, a multisided platform that organizes smallholder farmers into accessible groups for all those who want to transact with them.

Greymate Care is an online platform that connects the elderly to vetted care-givers right in the comfort of their homes. In Nigeria, there is no database where you can simply go and find a care-giver or someone who has been trained and background-checked.

Greymate care

Greymate Care solves that problem by training people who want to become care givers and making sure they have guarantors and they are available to be deployed to your home.

Chika Mabuduko was part of Nigeria’s 25 under 25 most innovative entrepreneurs in 2017, and has received different awards  including the She Leads Africa Accelerator 2017 Bronze Prize sponsored by Intel US, OCP Africa and GTB.

She aims to partner with key firms within the health sector, and extend to other African countries, as well as boost the service users to 35,000 by 2030.

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