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WCW: Our WCW For Today Is Omolola Salako, Founder Sebeccly Cancer Care 

Our woman crush for today is social entrepreneur and Founder of Sebeccly Cancer Care, Omolola Salako, an oncologist devoted to cancer care and awareness.

Omolola Salako is a professional radiation oncologist, who specializes in the treatment of breast, head and neck cancer, brachytherapy, economics of cancer and other solid adult tumors. 

Omolola acquired her MBBS degree from the distinguished College of Medicine, University of Lagos. She concluded her oncology residency in Lagos University Teaching Hospital and obtained her Fellowship from the Faculty of Radiology, West Africa College of Surgeons. 

She got devoted to helping Nigerians beat the fight against Cancer when she lost her sister to advanced kidney cancer.

Omolola, in the last 16 years, has founded 3 organizations attacking the affliction of cancer. She founded Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre, in 2006, 3 years after her sister passed. The centre is a patient-led cancer advocacy organization devoted to decreasing the cancer burden and enhancing the standard of care.

In 2018, omolola founded Oncopadi Technologies, a digital health solutions company that enables cancer patients and their loved ones to access care and support. In 2021, she launched the Pearl Oncology Clinic, a physical clinic that provides chemotherapy, consultation, surgery, and other related services.

The doctor is one of the 81 clinical Oncologists in Nigeria skilled in the multidisciplinary management of solid cancer, and currently one of just 70 Radiation Onclogists in Nigeria.

The Oncologist has seen over 5,000 cancer patients in her career. She is a lecturer and also an author of several books. Her areas of interest and expertise include Oncology, Public health, Digital health Education Development, Research, Project Management, and Career Management. 

She is a recipient of several awards such as, the 2021 ASCO International Innovation Grant, 2021 Cancer Tech Accelerator, 2020 Astellas US Oncology C3 Grand Prize winner and 2020 Best UICC CEO (NGO Category). 

The battle against the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in Nigeria is becoming achievable through the contributions of successful Oncologists like Omolola Salako.

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