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WCW: Our Crush is Teacher Sade, Nigerian Teacher Celebrated For Motivating Her Students Uniquely

Today our spotlight is on Fauziyah Adegeye popularly known as Teacher Sade, a Nigerian primary school teacher whose heartwarming video between her and the students has already gone viral on social media .

The video showed teacher Sade and her students bracing themselves up with some powerful motivation lines before starting their main class for the day.

The motivational lines focus on perseverance, hardwork, resilience which teacher Sade will ask the questions and the students replies her.

At the beginning of the viral video, teacher Sade could be heard saying:

“Ebenezer Primary 5 pupils!”

Which the kids all yelled out:

“We settle for nothing but the best”

“What if I fail while trying”

“I will try again” .

This simple act between teacher Sade and her students has sparked some positive and encouraging replies online.

Many Nigerians wished they had a teacher like her while in primary school and they believed that the positive affirmations will go along way in their lives as students.
We celebrate her

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