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WCW: Our Crush Is Maeshibe Marema, CEO Of Maeshibe Coffee

Our crush today is Maeshibe Marema, Founder and CEO of Maeshibe coffee.

Maeshibe Coffee, roasts, packages and distributes coffee on e-commerce.

Maeshibe Marema is a female entrepreneur who hails from South Africa is no exception to this as she has found inspiration in making coffee and as well a philanthropist, that takes passion in employing deaf people and also looking out for them.

Maeshibe coffee also offers hot beverage solutions (coffee bars) to corporate and government offices.

Maeshibe Marema, an African lady based in Pretoria East, South African work with deaf people as baristas, she employ and empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Maeshibe Marema says, what made her brand special is that they work with deaf baristas which gives the clients a chance to learn sign language.

Maeshibe Marema who is an african wowan have proven to be fearless, wonderful, goal getters with big vision, big ideas and innovations.

Maeshibe then adviced women that are inspired and as well have dreams, ideas and all should not waste any more time, they should start working towards it, do a lot of research with the people in the same industry.

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