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WCW: Our Crush Is Funto Ibuoye, Founder Of Beautified Network

Today we are crushing on Funto Ibuoye, the founder of beautified network, who is also a chartered accountant, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and mentor.

Beautified Network is an initiative focused on enabling women discover and live in the fullness of their God’s-given purpose. She strongly believes that the empowered woman is one of the greatest assets of a thriving society/nation.

Funto Ibuoye’s aim is to inspire young women (who are ‘becoming’), to contribute their quota to transforming their societies, and the world at large.

Yearly she convenes ‘The Becoming Conference’ – a convocation of young women between the ages of 18 and 35, where they sit with older women who have attained certain levels of success and significance in their respective fields (who have ‘Become’), to listen to their true behind-the-scenes stories.

She’s a Chartered Accountant, who graduated from Covenant University, Nigeria.

She is also the Lead Designer at Five28 Interiors, an interior design and decoration outfit providing beautiful and luxury interiors for both residential and commercial spaces. She’s a Speaker and Author, with two great books which are BEAUTIFIED and THE 31 WOMAN.

Recently, Funto Ibuoye was listed among the Ynaija and Leading Ladies Africa 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria.

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