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Want To Switch Office Location? Here’s How

Change is a constant thing in life and this also affects your office locations sometimes, different factors can arise that would require you to switch your business location from one are to another or even one city to the other.

This switching process is a delicate move that needs careful strategy and implementation, so as not lose customers and other stakeholders that prefer waling into the office for whatever transaction they need and they must have gotten acquainted with your previous location, now you are posed with the responsibility of switching business location along with all the stakeholder and things that are particular to your business to the new location

Here are tips on how to switch office location successfully

Create a publicity plan
You need to make your customers and other stakeholders aware of this new happening, giving them up to date information concerning when the office switch would take effect, correct and seamless direction to the new place.
This publicity plan if well implemented can serve as business/product publicity as well as office switching publicity, which would keep your current customers and bring in new customers.
Heighten your customer relations
Now more than ever, your customer relations needs to be top-notch, so as to reduce the number of clients you might lose out on. keep your call and messaging channels opened and rapid response time, just in case someone goes back to your former location or needs help getting to your new location.

Give it time
Do not make sudden plans to move, you need at least a month of preparation to move to your new location, with this you would have ample time to put all the necessaries in place to ensure a smooth move to your new location.

Update your address on all your communication channel
All of your media materials, posts on social media, newsletter, and so on, ensure your current address is updated there clearly, so people can get the information anytime they come across your brand message. The digital space is an important place that you must update your office address because people frequently use search engines and google map and company social media pages to locate a company address.

Place a notice in your previous office location
Do not just leave your previous location without ensuring some form of information or guidance to your new location is not there. If possible you could place a staff there for a month, to guide anybody that comes to the previous location to the new one.

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