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Viola Desmond Becomes First Black To Appear On Canadian Note

Viola Desmond who is known for her great impact as a civil rights activist will be featured on Canada’s $10 bill. This is a unique move as this makes it the first time, a black person will be seen on a Canada’s currency note.


Desmond had refused to give up a seat meant for white people at the cinema, and was prosecuted for trying to defraud the provincial government of 1 cent.

She had lost the case and was convicted and fined 26 Canadian dollars, a move which “paved the way for a broader understanding of human rights across our country,” Bill Morneau, the finance minister said.


Desmond becomes the first black person, definitely the first black woman, and the first woman other than a royal, to appear alone on a Canadian currency. We celebrate her for this great achievenment.

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