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Unveiling Richard Branson’s ABC of Business

Dear Entrepreneurs and Business Owners,

66 year old globally recognised billionaire businessman who founded Virgin Group, Richard Branson recently shared his ABCs of business in a short video , posted on his company’s page.

Richard Branson
Richard Branson

We believe it will be of great help to you, read the excerpt below:

A stands for ‘Attitude’

A good attitude can set you apart from the crowd, Branson said. When you have a good attitude, people want to spend time with you and help you be successful
Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or the CEO of an established company — attitude will always play an important role.


B stands for ‘Bravery’
“No business ever begins, yet alone becomes a success, without an entrepreneur being brave,” Branson said.

From climbing mountains to standing up for what you believe in — bravery takes many forms. For entrepreneurs, that could be risking everything to launch a business.

Whatever shape it takes for you, you will gain something in the end. “Without being brave, you are not going to achieve anything,” Branson said.
Often, people refrain from pursuing their dreams because they are afraid of failing. Although if you never try, you’ll never know. That’s where confidence comes into play.


C stands for ‘confidence’
Confidence “is what sets change-makers apart from dreamers,” Branson said.

In his video, Branson recalls a time when he called up companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi to ask if they would like to purchase advertising in his school’s magazine. Although he was nervous before making the calls, he found that, “with each call I gained more confidence to make the next.

This experience led Branson to have the confidence to approach and recruit major artists for Virgin Records.

“Don’t spend too long fretting about what you are going to do next, just get out there and start,” he said. “Once you’ve had one or two breakthroughs your confidence will increase, and you will get bolder and bolder.”

Read the above points and be enlightened.

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