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Unleashing The New Solution To High Running Cost And Unemployment In Africa

Hello lovely readers! Happy new month to you all..

Its a gloomy day and i thought of starting the week by sharing an article on a concept that gives hope to the African economy and unemployed graduates.

The article touches on how virtual work system can help organisation save cost on labour and office space, and maximize their virtual workforce to enhance high productivity.

Unemployed African youths, entrepreneurs and business owners will sure find this very useful.
Relax,read carefully and outline on your notepad how this can help you as an individual or your organisation. Kindly drop your thoughts on this in the comment box.

To run an organisation of any size either large, medium or small, costs including salaries,utilities and rent will be considered first and planned ahead.Most entrepreneurs and business owners in Nigeria and Africa as a whole believe providing adequate space to accommodate their staff is inevitable and much necessary for their business to run successfully, this makes them incur high cost on rent and utilities which leaves them less profit at the end of their financial year when all costs are factored in.

As much as new organisations are being established frequently in Africa, unemployment rate is still very high.
Government and concerned citizens in African countries especially Nigeria have been searching for ways to reduce the increasing unemployment rate in Africa, as no significant reduction has been experienced despite the creation of jobs and support for self-employment from government and business owners.

In the year 2015, Miss Temitope Balogun, a concerned Nigerian citizen, an entrepreneur with strong passion for human resources management, started a research on innovative ways to reduce the high unemployment rate in Africa. In the course of her research, she came across a report published in Forbes magazine’s 2012 edition, which gave forecast that by 2016, over 63 million Americans would have embraced virtual work system as the companies already using it save over 30% of their budgeted running cost from; rent paid for vast space to accommodate employees, utilities and salaries, leaving them more profits and enabling them hire more individuals. Forbes cited a Law firm in American, Axiom Law, the largest and fastest growing provider of managed legal services to Fortune 500 companies , who instead of using vast amount of office space, manages a virtual workforce of over 900 attorneys.
Nigeria and most African countries are yet to leverage on this opportunity as virtual work system hasn’t been successfully replicated in Africa.
Temitope brainstormed on ways the system can fit into the Nigerian labour scheme, and came up with an online work platform,called Virtual Recruit for individuals interested in working from anywhere within Africa, where well established organisations, startups and independent consultants can search, connect and hire qualified job seekers for their vacant virtual works within a much cheaper budget compare to the cost of hiring a non-virtual employee.


Virtual Recruit allows well established organisations, start-ups and independent consultants in Nigeria and other African countries to create an online profile where they can showcase the tasks that need to be done in their organisations, allowing registered and properly verified experts and service people in that field compete, while the best candidates get hired to get the job done effectively and efficiently at an agreed fee between them and the employers.

Virtual work system is a mutual benefiting one as employers save a lot on their day to day running cost and employees work conveniently from their home.


Some Services that can be rendered through Virtual Recruit are customer service,digital marketing, translation, writing, content development,human resources,accounting,legal,engineering, web administrator, IT & Software ,architectural designs,mobile app and website development, media,PR & branding,research and development, procurement, insurance,risk management, actuarial valuation and many others.

During Temitope’s research she discovered that the major challenges that leaves question marks on the mind of Nigerian entrepreneurs and business owners as regards virtual work system are; self discipline of Nigerians and the state of electricity .
For self discipline, measures such as compulsory training on ethics to be adopted by virtual workers to enhance full concentration and effectiveness in their given task will be administered to all workers on the platform before final verification, also close monitoring and tracking features for virtual workers to ensure they get their task done are available on the platform.

The present state of electricity can sure be sorted with alternative source of power as not much are need to get a mobile phone,laptop or tablet which are the main tools of virtual workers fully charged. Despite the unstable nature of electricity,report as it that Nigerians are one of the top users of social media in the world. Virtual Recruit is also a social media platform as it allows networking among users but it is mainly for working purpose.

Virtual work system will not only create more jobs for job seekers interested in part-time or full time work and freelancers but will also stop the need for employees’ relocation as they can work from anywhere.

This system will indirectly solve the problem of traffic in highly commercial states within Africa especially Nigeria and also allow more individuals contribute to government income generated from labour sector has women who are nursing mothers and full house wives and also physically challenged but intelligent individuals can render services to organisations conveniently from their homes.

Virtual Recruit will be launched on August 15,2016 interested employers and employees should drop their details on the company’s temporary website they can get notified immediately the platform starts running.

The world is in its prime digital age, it is high time we joined the rest of the world and embrace virtual work system so as to leverage on its benefit to build a better economy and a brighter future for Africans.

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