University is not for everyone” — First Class graduate


Aerial View of University Essex

A Nigerian student who graduated with a first class degree in Financial Economics from the University of Essex in United Kingdom (UK) has said a university degree is not a necessity for everyone.

Hassan Uthman Muhammad, who spoke with Daily Trust on completion of his studies, said there are other worthy academic pursuits other than a university degree.

“University is not for everyone and a lot of people go there and drop out, or get depressed as they are studying things they do not like and do not want to disappoint their parents by leaving,”

“Therefore, university is not for everyone, especially if what they want to do in the future does not require a university degree.

Muhammad said the UK educational system takes cognizance of this, providing viable alternatives.

“What I particularly like about studying in the UK is the fact that students are provided with options as to what career path they choose to pursue.

“They have apprenticeships, college qualifications, BTECs and other things students can strive towards if they are not necessarily keen on going to university.”

The first class graduate noted that the Nigerian government needs to revamp the educational system of the country.

He said the need to travel abroad for studies would be defeated when this is done.

“My advice to the government is to work on improving the inefficiencies within Nigerian universities, so they can be well renowned and compete with some of the world’s best,” Muhammad added.

“If the universities are up to standards there will be no need for students to go abroad for their studies.”

Established in 1963, the University of Essex is a British public research university with its main campus in Essex.

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