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Ugandan Farmer Makes It Big Through Hay and Silage Improvision

With efficient farming practices and techniques this Ugandan farmer has managed to turn what proved a major setback to other farmers, into a teeming business hub.

While other farmers are battling with drought and unfruitful yield, Mugisha Besigye’s business is currently setting trends in Uganda as a result of his outstanding hay and silage Improvision.

Besigye’s love for farming continued to blossom even while he was working in Bushenyi as a grade one magistrate so much that he went ahead to buy two cows which he kept in his residence in Mbuya. Over time, the number of cows multiplied and he decided to concentrate fully on dairy farming by getting a separate land for his venture.

In preparation for his retirement in the year 2000, he bought 50 acres of land where he took all his cows and started Kaganga farm in Buyuki, Nama sub-county in Mukono district. However, he soon had to contend with drought which led to a reduction of eatable grass for the cows, a problem that had led to the failure of other farmers. Undeterred, he proceeded to plant exotic grass on a part of his property and decided to improvise during the periods of drought with hay and silage.

During the harvest season, he cuts these grasses, dries and stores them and later presents them to the cattle as animal fodder or hay. To further improvise in the feeding, he took up the provision of silage, which is fermented grass, as a source of food to tide his animals through out the dry season.

As a result, from just 7 cows, his farm has since grown to over 160 cows, which produce over 500 litres of milk per day and has just developed a cottage jndustry for making yoghurt and packaging of milk, all with the produce from his farm.
Currently, a choice bull from his farm is worth over 3 million shilling and his innovation has been widely accepted by other farmers who are beginning to emulate him.

We Celebrate You Mugisha Besigye…Farmers Should Learn From Him!

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