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Uber Eats Launches $240,000 Fund To Support Black Restaurants In The UK

Uber eats has collaborated with Enterprise Nation and Be Inclusive Hospitality to launch a $240,000 fund to support Black-owned restaurants. In the United Kingdom.

Uber eats is an online food ordering and delivery platform launched by the popular mobility company Uber in 2014. It delivers meals by couriers using cars, scooters, bikes, or on foot and is functional in over 6,000 cities across 45 countries.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats and its partners will grow the Black Business fund and will award $10,000 in grants to 25 Black-owned restaurants. Meanwhile, the platform offered $5,000 to ten black-owned restaurants when it launched last year, making this year’s offer 5 times more.

The grants will help Black businesses in the hospitality industry financially and with their operations. Black-owned restaurants with less than five locations are suitable to apply for the grants. The starting date to apply for the grants is October 14 and will remain open through November 25.

Uber Eats

Uber eats has devoted itself to enhance opportunities and discovering for black businesses in the UK and the US. Their obligations include promoting black-owned restaurants on their site, dedicating more than $10 million to support black businesses around the world and partnering with EatOkra to assist black-owned restaurants across the US.

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