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Two African-American Female Pilots Become First To Fly Alaska Airlines Plane In 86 Years

For 86 years, many people flew the planes in the Alaska Airlines fleet but none were African-American women. Not until Tara Wright and Mallory Cave took off from San Francisco and landed in Portland, flying an Alaska Airlines plane.

With pride in her voice and a sense of history, Tara, the captain of the flight, Flight 361, introduced herself and her first officer Mallory to passengers as the first black women to fly a plane in Alaska Airlines’ history.

Tara Dillon
Tara Dillon

“Finally, you’re sharing a pretty interesting piece of Alaska Airlines history this morning. You’ll be piloted by two female African-American pilots for the first time in the airline’s history,” Wright said after mentioning that Sunday was Mother’s Day, as well as her father’s 80th birthday.


Mallory Cave
Mallory Cave

The video was initially posted on Facebook by Tara Wright and later shared by the airline with the caption: “History in the flying. Alaska Airlines Flight #361 from San Francisco to Portland, OR. Our first ever flight piloted by 2 African-American women. What Bessie Coleman started in 1921, we continue here.”
This is a special feat for the airline which was founded in 1932.
Source: HowAfrica

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