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Top Five Technology Essentials For Small Businesses 

The only constant thing in life is change as the popular saying goes, but at the staggering lightening speed technology is evolving it’s safe to say ” the only constant thing in life is tech” every small business owner has infused the adaptation of tech into their sales system but just like every other thing, it requires constant updates and improvements.

To improve the quality of your business and stay at the top of your game, we gathered 5 important and very much relevant technology essentials or tips as the case may be to help project your startup to the stratosphere.

1. Social Media Apps: Social media apps and platforms are free for users meaning you are not breaking the bank to use it to your advantage , so you have resources at your fingertips to find, communicate with, and market to customers. So, update your demographic reach, boost your ads to the right regions as often as possible and invest in warm catchy graphics . Most social media platforms are intuitive and user-friendly, so they’re an easy way for you to reach out to your customers on a broader level.

2. Smart Devices: There are smart devices and there are shiny not too smart devices . Invest in devices that are up to date with the latest Operating Systems , apps , and network A device can make your work easy by 100% in terms of geo tagging, routing , and effective A I solutions. So the gathering of information, direction, collecting payment, inventory, billing, timekeeping, and more, will become seamless on the go.

3.  Cloud Collaborations: Get your head in “The cloud”  essentially it means storing data in such a way that you and your team can access it from any device, call it a tech family meeting if you may. That means you can collaborate with your vendors, employees, and other parties without the fear of damaging a hard drive, CD or even late delivery by dispatch riders.. Information stored in the Cloud updates immediately, meaning that everyone involved has access to the most up-to-date information. You can use Google Drive and other types of Cloud storage to share internal documents, collaborate on projects, and more. 

4.  Mobile Payments: Who still carries cash around? I mean, it’s a cashless world we live in.  First it was cash, then it was credit cards, and now it’s time to start accepting mobile payments. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile payment options make payment and email invoicing literally as easy as the push of a button. Your customers like the convenience and you’ll like the automatic record keeping but have in mind to have a solid firewall security to avoid being hushpuppied.

5. Cybersecurity:  Verizon reported that 63,000 data breaches impacted the world’s biggest companies last year and small companies are just as vulnerable. Point-of-sale theft (digital theft from stolen credit card numbers) is a common concern for customers, as is theft of their personal information. Cybersecurity systems and programs can protect your customers’ identities and finances and build trust. If you deal with particularly sensitive information, it may be worthwhile to hire an expert to come in and make sure your programs and computers are as secure as possible.

There you have it, with the  latest technology trends you can make your job easier and also show your customers that your business is modern and evolving. Keep up with what’s hot in your industry and make the effort to integrate the technology that’s best for your business.

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