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Throwback: Remember The Starved Nigerian Boy Who Anja Ringgren Rescued?

On the 30th of January, 2015, a shocking and heartbreaking photo went viral on the internet which showed a woman named Anja Ringgren Loven giving water to a severely malnourished child who now looks healthy and plump!.

At just two years old, the little boy, who she renamed Hope was called a witch by his family and abandoned on the streets, left alone to fend for himself and struggle to survive at such a tender

Hope Before And After
Hope Before And After

Anja, upon sighting displayed poor human affection by giving him water and wrapping him up in a blanket, straight to the hospital. Apparently it was discovered that he had a birth defect which led to an incomplete formation of his urethra.
Anja and her husband David run African children’s aid education and development foundation, an organization based in Uyo that is aimed at providing for, caring and supporting children. As soon as news of the little boy hit the internet, donations started coming in to ensure that he receives maximum care.

Hope blossomed under their care and has even begin school, as shown in a photo where Anja recreated the his before and now. He has been scheduled for a surgery to correct the defect and thanks to Anja, he is growing healthier and plumper by the day.

We Celebrate Hope And Anja !

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