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THROWBACK: Remember Nigerian Doctor Olutoye Who Operated On Immature Foetus Whose Mother Later Conceived At 32 Weeks

We are here with another great and rare news about a Nigerian doctor and his team of doctors who performed a medical miracle that put the country to limelight in 2016.

US based Nigerian doctor, Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye and his team of doctors performed a successful brain surgery on an immature foetus, and inserted it back in the mother’s womb to be born alive! Isn’t this super amazing?

According to reports, the baby had sarococcygeal teratoma, a brain tumor that was sucking the baby’s blood supply to grow,. At just 16 weeks, the mother noticed something was wrong and complained to the doctors who then gave her two options; let the baby die or take a risk to keep it alive. Of course the latter was chosen.

Dr. Olutoye and his team of 20 operated on the baby at 23 weeks, removing all the tumor they could reach and put it back inside the mother’s womb where the surgery’s injuries were healed and the baby was born again at 32 weeks, alive and healthy.


Although the baby’s heart stopped at the time, the doctor was more than efficient in restarting the heart to ensure it lived!

The federal government rolled out the country’s celebratory drums to praise this hero for his outstanding efforts and not long after, he was featured in CNN Africa.

Born in Ido-Ani, Ondo state, Dr Olutoye who also got his first degree from the obafemi awolowo university, decided to further his learning process in the US.

With a great zeal to learn, he added several other under his belt, including thoracic, pediatric and fetal surgery, and then established, together with a colleague the Texas Children’s fetal centre at Texas children hospital in Houston, Texas.

He is a fellow of the West African union of surgeons, surgical section of the American academy of pediatrics, as well as a member of the international fetal medicine and surgery society.
We Celebrate You Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye, You Are A Genius!

Source: CNN

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