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Throwback: Meet Nigeria’s Oluwatoni Sanni , The Only First Class African Graduant In University of Bristol’s 2017 Class

Nigerians are indeed sprouting commendable acts of excellence everywhere they go!
Today we celebrate Oluwatoni Sanni who attained a great milestone by emerging the only African 1st class graduant at the University of Bristol, class of 2017.

News of her success spread like wildfire after @TrendsofNigeria on twitter shared a picture of her and a caption
“Meet Oluwatoni Sanni. She is the only African on the list of first class graduants in accounting and finance at the prestigious university of Bristol in the 2017 set. She also received MSc offers from all four London school of economics” around July 2017.


Oluwatoni  Sanni
Oluwatoni Sanni

According to reports, Oluwatoni is daughter of top Nigerian business mogul Toyin F. Sanni who was recently honored with the AABLA African woman of the year award. Her outstanding feat however came as no surprises as the apple seems not to have fallen far from the tree.

Oluwatoni and her mum [Source: Her Mom's  Instagram Page]
Oluwatoni and her mum [Source: Her Mom’s Instagram Page]
Oluwatoni, at her graduating ceremony shocked everyone speechless when her name was called among the 1st class graduants in Accounting and Finance at the prestigious university of Bristol, class of 2017, making her the only African to appear on the list.


Oluwatoni Sanni
Oluwatoni Sanni

For her amazing feat and as a reward for the countless hours spent reading, Oluwatoni has since received different Mac offers from the four London school of economics, Imperial college, London.

We Celebrate You Oluwatoni Sanni


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