Inspiring! This Young Black Man Takes Time Out To Help The Needy

The pace at which we live now and what we have to do ia so demanding. So much totdo but little time to do it and our loved ones suffer it. Rodney Smith is doing what he can.

The 28-year-old had made and is keeping his vow of providing free lawn care for the old and elderly. He takes time out of his schedule to provide this help.

It all started after a chance encounter with an elderly man cutting his lawn one day. The encounter left a lasting impression on Rodney so much so he created a free lawn care service that is now a nationwide community service initiative. Smith also personally challenged himself to travel to all 50 states to mow lawns for the elderly, veterans, disable and single mothers.

In 2016, Smith founded Raising Men Lawn Care Service (RMLCS). In addition to providing free lawn care and maintenance, RMLCS also began to mentor youth, teaching them about the importance of community service and practical skills associated with lawn care and lawn mower safety.

The “50 Yard Challenge” quickly became the signature effort of RMLCS. Children across the U.S. are challenged to mow 50 yards for free in their respective communities. To get new challenge participants started, RMLCS provides each of them with a white RMLCS t-shirt, shades, and ear protection. For every 10 yards that they cut, they are then rewarded with a different color t-shirt. Once they have completed the challenge and mowed 50 yards, Smith or another member of RMLCS will personally visit the participant to provide them with a new lawn mower and also mow a few yards alongside them in celebration of their accomplishment.

Smith shared with The Huffington Post, “Since this challenge started in 2016, 12 kids have already completed the challenge…both boys and girls are part of it and we currently have 130 kids nationwide taking part in this challenge, including 7 in Bermuda and the U.K. and one in Canada. So it’s spreading worldwide.”

The governor of Smith’s home country of Bermuda has also acknowledged his efforts by presenting him with an award in 2017 on behalf of the Queen of England. It was also during 2017 when Smith embarked on a personal challenge with his “50 States 50 Lawns” campaign. He began his travel to all 50 states to provide free lawn services in May 2017 and as of last month, he has gone back out on the road to do it all over again.


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