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This South African Entrepreneurs Created App That Allows People Communicate In Areas Without Signal

As technology advances, the world becomes more of a global village. Communication has become eqsy but there are pockets where internet connection is unavailable. This gap has been filled by two South Africans, Thulisile Volwana and Sabelo Sibanda.

As with most human advances, necessity birthed this invention. Volwana found she was unable to stay online anytime she was in her rural home in South Africa. This situation meant she would be unable, for the duration of her stay, to get any internet-related work done.

After due consultation with her colleague and now co-creator, Sabelo Sibanda, they, in 2015, came up with Tuse App.

Tuse App is an android application that is not dependent on the traditional wireless infrastructure. It allows users to send text messages, make phone calls and transfer data with the aid of the Wi-Fi component on a smartphone device.

“Tuse has the ability to have ‘multi hop’ communication. Fully encrypted information and calls are transferred between the sender and recipient by ‘hopping’ from device to device,” Sabelo Sibanda, co-founder of Tuse said.

Tuse App user interface.

It deploys wireless mesh networks to carry out functions that normally would be carried out using traditional communications technologies infrastructure. With Tuse, people in no network zones are still able to communicatec

A wireless mesh network is a communications network created through the connection of wireless access points at or near a user’s locale.

The founders were selected to take part in the renowned Founders Space accelerator programme in San Francisco, making it the first African company at the time to be given that opportunity.

Tuse App user interface.They have also developed solutions for various clients from Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Ghana, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Their goal, according to Sibanda, to “always bring happiness to people who need it the most. Altruistic as it sounds, this implies solutions ubiquity in our chosen field”.

His advice for upcoming businesses is to treat employees with respect and dignity which is the quickest way to succeed.

“They pay it forward to your clients. It’s easy to persevere when everyone has the same goal and vision that you all work together on consistently.”

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