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This Nigerian Doctor Specialises In Separating Conjoined Twins

Doctor Auwal Abubakar is one exceptional doctor who should be celebrated globally for fixing what seems very impossible in the medical field which is separating conjoined twins.

Dr Auwal is the chief medical director of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Yola in Adamawa State. The erudite scholar and surgeon has in the past operated several cases of conjoined twins successfully and brought joy to families who otherwise had no hope. Although the award-winning doctor has saved lives by leading a team to successfully performing the operations, it wasn’t without a few challenges.

A conjoined twins before Dr Auwal seperated them

In an interview, Abubakar once stated that FMC Yola, lacks modern imaging equipment machines. CT, MRI and other radiological equipment which is needed in cases of conjoined twins.

Even with challenges, he has played a vital role in helping families smile again and helping conjoined twins live a healthy and normal life. According to the doctor, not only do the children grow to live a normal life post surgeries, they often do not need any more special medical attention asides procedural check ups and immunizations just like every other child.

Dr Auwal carrying the conjoined twins he seperated

In times when the Nigerian medical field has been plagued with so many challenges, people like Abubakar shine a beacon of hope. Meanwhile, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), once received popular Nigerian doctor Dr Patrick and physicians who performed surgeries on children at the National hospital. According to the chairman of NIDCOM, over 29 surgeries have been done so far, which were carried out on a voluntary basis.

Abike said that the doctors made a huge scarifice of their time and money to carry out the humanitarian gesture.

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