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This Ghanaian Is The First International Student To Earn Ph.D. In Civil Engineering In Her School

Eileen Goody Gans-Lartey, a young Ghanaian woman, has received a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the university.

The lady was the first international Ph.D. student to graduate from the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture at her university.

The woman recently earned a doctorate in Civil Engineering, joining the ranks of women in the field. She is eager to make her mark on history.

She achieved this great academic feat at the age of 30 years. The University of Ghana alumna has celebrated the achievement as she shared her challenging academic journey to receiving her doctoral degree.

Her post reads:

“When God shows up, He shows off! PhD @ 30
“PHD in Civil Engineering bagged
“Undoubtedly my toughest academic journey. My resilience was tested on all fronts but this God!!!
“1st International PhD student from my University to complete in 3 years
“1st International PhD student to graduate from my University’s school of Civil Engineering and Architecture
“Only international PhD student graduating from the 2018 class“

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