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This Congolese Shoe Brand Is Dominating African Shoe Market

Thinking of a shoe brand characterized by quality and durability, one will not need to go far before arriving at the Italian shoes. However, this shoe brand is desirable but unaffordable to most people especially Africans who are majorly low income earners, and it is the bid to create a quality and durable shoe brand affordable to African that gave birth to the Congolese SAPATU created by Congolese Shoecraftsmen through Sidonie Latere of Kobo Hub.

In the comments of the founder of SAPATU, Sidonie Latere , she explained that
despite Congo DRC having an approximately 800million people, there is no Congolese brand of shoes even with thousands of Shoecraftsmen on the street of Kinshasha, seeing this as an opportunity to promote local shoe makers and create a brand that will compete globally, she initiated a formal shoe industry cut across many local shoes craftsmen across Congolese cities and they formed the Congolese brand of shoes known as SAPATU

Congolese society is greatly populated by shoecraftsmen producing the indigenous shoe brand known , however, all of these people operate in the informal sector, until the revolutionary intervention of Kobo Hub to amalgamate this numerous craftsmen to form an informidable shoe brand to compete with the italian shoe brand.

According to one of the Shoecraftsmen who has been into this craft for a decade Colsby Bangala , he expressed that the objective of Sapatu is to correct the image the world have of the Congo DRC, and also to showcase the innovation of Congo DRC and Africa to the world as been blessed with great entrepreneurs and innovators, and to also establish Kinshasha the home of quality Shoes in Africa as Italy is known to be the European Shoes Centre.

SAPATU being the first Congolese brand of shoe has gained momentum among all and sundries of Congo DRC, it has helped the road side cobblers to get their products compete with others in terms of quality, durability and fashion. It is currently been patronized globally Kobo Hub now facilitates an online mart where Congolese brand of shoes can be ordered from anywhere in the world.

This is indeed another wonderful innovation from an African society and an entrepreneurial roadmap to other African nations as a way of growing their economies, promoting local crafts and reducing unemployment

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