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This 24 Year Old Aspiring Educationist  Needs 20,000 Dollars To Walk Again And Achieve Her Dreams

24-year-old Nigerian and aspiring Educationist, Sammiat Abiodun, who has been bound to a Wheel Chair for 12 years, now needs 20,000 Dollars to complete her surgery to walk again and achieve her dreams.

Sammiat had jaundice at the age of twelve which resulted in avascular necrosis of the femoral heads of her two hips. The knees, shoulders and ankles were equally affected, leaving her unable to walk or lift things.

Due to the illment, she who has been unable to walk has been wheelchair bound, although uses crutches once in a while for her past 12 years.

Sammiat mentioned to Espact that series of surgeries have been carried out over the years, in order to improve her medical condition, although unfortunately, the sickness affected legs still.

Sammiat, who hoped to be an educationist in English major precisely had been unable to complete her tertiary education due to her medical condition. She wasn’t able to complete her first semester examination at National Open University of Nigeria as she fell really sick due to her illness.

Her medical reports stated back at the time she was diagnosed initially, that there is a surgery that could possibly get her back on my feet again.

At the time, Sammiat’s parents could not afford and still can’t afford it at the moment because the cost of the surgery is a huge sum of money for her family to make available.

So after managing her illness and trying to live with the fact that she couldn’t walk again, she pulled through for 12 years.

According to Sammiat, she and her family have been handling it for years, until two years ago when she started having the terrible pains again. She started having pains again and her legs kept swelling, feeling warm and painful and not being able to fold her knees.

On going back to the hospital to complain, She realized that it’s the same infection she had initially experienced 12 years back that reoccured, with her medical report stating that nothing can be done unless to have the surgery carried in order to avoid a total damage and most likely, an amputation.

The educationist needs the life-changing and health enhancing surgeries done as soon as possible in order to avoid amputation of her legs and is doing everything possible to gather up the $20,000 fund for surgery with a fund me account which has been already been created.

She already had an invitation from an hospital in Turkey but would need to get the funds in order to proceed.

Sammiat Abiodun is assured and hopes to recover from the illness with her surgery. She hopes to walk again and complete her education so she can achieve her dream of being an educationist.

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