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This 16 Year Old Self-taught Artist Aspires To Be The Best In Nigeria

Nigeria is indeed blessed with talented individuals who are proving to be the game changers the country needs, one of these great individuals is 16-year old Omilana Adedamola Timothy.

Adedamola who draws and paints beautiful artworks with pen and pencil from his innate skill caught our attention and we decided to celebrate him like we have always done.

The creative teenager who has just finished his secondary school education resides in Ibadan,Oyo state with his parents and siblings.

A pencil drawing from
A pencil drawing from

Timothy discovered his talent and love for all things art at a very young age and has since been honing his skills, with full support and unending inspiration from his father.

Adedamola sketching an artwork
Adedamola sketching an artwork

Despite being from a poor background, with parents struggling to make ends meet, Adedamola has big dreams, one of which is to be best artist in Nigeria.

With just pen and pencils, and on rare occasions, poster colors, Timothy creates artworks that not only reflect his love for art, but also his untapped talent and prominent potentials brimming just beneath the surface.

a pencil artwork by Adedamola
A pencil artwork by Adedamola

He is open to advance learning if such opportunity surfaces. He hopes to meet with great artists and become renowned for working on his passion some day.

Well Done Adedamola, Keeping Working On Your Big Dreams, The Sky Is Your Starting Point!

You Can Reach Out To Adedamola via:

Facebook ID :  Salam Ridwon (His Guardian)

or                      Omilana Adedamola


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