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TC Bakery Becomes First Black Woman-Owned Bakery In Tallahassee International Airport

Jennifer Young founded TC Bakery, the first Black woman-owned bakery at Tallahassee International Airport. Young began her entrepreneurial adventure about seven years ago, drawing inspiration from her family’s entrepreneurial experience, and launching the bakery from her own home.

“My mother died when I was ten, and my daddy continued to raise me as a single father. I began baking in 2016 after the birth of my twins, using a cookbook that was passed down to me and adding my own twist to the recipes. At the time, I was dealing with postpartum depression and needed an outlet to soothe the anxiety and sadness I felt.”

Years later, she opened a storefront in her own restaurant and bakery, which was located in the same location as her parents’ restaurant. Her father was there for her the entire time. After only one year in operation, the COVID-19 epidemic struck, forcing many enterprises to close. Young needed to make changes in order to survive, so she shifted her attention to baking and temporarily stopped the food portion of her business. People who stayed at home enjoyed her sweets, and her bakery grew in popularity.

TC Bakery has grown from servicing solely the shop’s clients to selling their goods in stores or for business uses during the last three years. They just relocated to a larger location in Crawfordville, where they face little competition other than grocery stores.

According to WTXL ABC27, TC Bakery has launched a new phase of operation at Tallahassee International Airport today. Their future objectives include constructing a cutting-edge commercial kitchen, franchising, and having their products carried in additional locations.

The businesswoman is aiming to increase her bakery’s visibility in order to make her delectable sweets available to a larger audience.

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