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Tanzania’s Harun Elias Is One Of Forbes’ Top African Entrepreneurs In 2018

Every successful individual always have a story to tell and the case of Harun Elias is no different. Tazanian entreprenuer Harun Elias who was listed by Forbes as 2018 Top African Entrepreneurs is the CEO of International Trade CO., a global supplier of transport and trade solutions in Tanzania.

Elias was born into a poor family in Musoma village. His father was the only educated one in his family because he went to high and runs a small shop and by the age of 10, Elias was already working to sustain himself and his family while he worked hard in his father’s shop. By the time he was 18 years old, he ventured into selling of mobile phone business when he realized there was lot of profit from the business. He did this business till 2011.

After high school, he wanted a new challenge so he ventured into selling tanzanite. While he was in China in College, he started doing an online business he named, Javis Collection where he was the purchasing agent. He would post pictures of products on social media and have people choose products of their preference and make an order, then he will buy their desired product and have them shipped to their preferred location. He used half of his school fees and rent money for an office he worked from and lived in, a place 194 kilometers far from his university. Later he employed one Chinese and three Tanzanian to help him out though he couldn’t pay them for four months.

Today, Javis Intentional Trade CO. is now a global company which has employed over 40 people, both Chinese and Tanzanians. Apart ftom this year,he was also listed in Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Award 2017.

We Celebrate This Hard-working Entrepreneur!

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