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Tanzanian Cartoonist, Masoud Kipanya Shows Off Country’s First Locally-Made Electric Vehicle

Masoud Kipanya , a Tanzanian cartoonist has unveiled the East African nation’s first locally-made electric vehicle.

The vehicle, which is named Kaypee Motor, was assembled with local materials.

The cartoonist said he assembled and developed the vehicle in the space of 11 months, adding that people still find it difficult to believe he is the brain behind the project.

Kipanya said that though he had to use his funds to develop the vehicle, he intends to sell it at a cheaper price so that porters and distributors can afford to buy it. He said the price will start from 8m Tanzanian shillings ($3,400).

He added that the car is a very powerful car that comes with its own charger and it is user friendly.

For the electric vehicle to reach speeds of 50 to 60km, Kipanya said it needs to be charged for six hours. Although the vehicle is yet to legally hit Tanzania’s roads, Kipanya said he hopes authorities will grant him the necessary road-worthy credentials soon.

He revealed the idea of developing an environmentally-friendly vehicle came into mind some nine years ago.

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