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TAIC Is First Privately Owned Agric Industrial Cluster In Nigeria

Have you heard the saying “Agriculture is Nigeria’s new oil?” This statement was made by Dr Akinwumi A. Adesina, the President of  African Development Bank Group  in an interview  with Forbes, in line with this, the initiative Tede Agri Industrial Cluster (TAIC) was launched by Agri Capital Nigeria to help lots of Nigerians both home and abroad tap into this new oil and ensure food security in the nation. 

TAIC ‘s  headquarter is located at Tede, Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State.
The cluster is  improving the agricultural space through precision farming, Agri Marketplace and Agricultural housing scheme.

TAIC has  large hectares of cultivable land available for real farmers all over the country.

For precision farming, TAIC has   an app that brings all stakeholders of Agriculture together such as farmers, input suppliers, off takers and more which makes farming and selling of harvested agricultural products easy. It is called DFAMA app.

There is also an agri marketplace where    buyers  are readily available for every farm produce harvested on TAIC farm land.
TAIC also provides farmer’s welfare in partnership with Nigerian mortgage banks such as Federal Mortgage Bank and AG Mortgage Bank,  there will be over 200 housing units available to  farmers at Tede  Oyo State.
This scheme seeks to better improve the lives of farmers and ensure comfort for them while going about their farming activities.

With technology and innovative strategies, the cluster is able to bridge the gap between demand and supply of most agricultural food and industrial crops in the nation.

Farmers no longer have to worry about sales of their produce when harvested as the cluster have readily available companies who are off takers for every farm produce.The cluster is a major hub for companies seeking raw materials like maize, turmeric, cassava, soy beans , ginger, thyme, oil palm and several others.

TAIC team with Onitede of Tede, Oba AbdulRauf Oladoyin

This innovation has the full support of Onitede of Tede, Oba AbdulRauf Oladoyin, who made an open invitation to all farmers across the country to set up at the Tede Agri Cluster, saying, “Our community is safe and we are prepared to give all the support needed by the farmers to be successful in our midst.”This is a very viable opportunity for farmers within and outside Nigeria to participate in as it will bring about increased food production in the agricultural sector and development in the country at large.Owning a farmland and tapping into the agricultural riches in Nigeria just became easier with TAIC. 

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