#SupportSammiat’sSurgery : Lets Dry Up A Young Girl’s Tears


Hello Africa!
Trust you’re all good and rolling with the season.

We are all aware that December is meant for us to extend our kind heart to people and exchange gifts. Many misinteprete this for recieving and giving only material things. Showing love to people can be in different forms,its not limited to getting wonderful gifts alone.

For Temmy Balogun’s Blog December Special…My own little way of showing love to people this season is by creating awareness of campaigns to help people who needs assistance of any kind to the world to render help.

Today I am featuring Sammiat Abiodun,a beautiful and intelligent young lady whom life has shown the other side of its coin but despite this she is still full of hopes and has presently gained admission into the university but her health condition pose a great challenge for her to proceed.
I know her to be very brilliant right from my secondary school as her father  who was our principal was more like a father to us  in  school ……Lets help the daughter of a man of honour.




Brief History On Sammiat’s Health Challenge

18 years old Sammiat Abiodun suffers from Avascular necrosis of both femoral heads, both of her hip joints have been eaten off by septic bacteria.

She has been suffering from this condition since she was 12 years old and has lost ability to either work or stand properly.

She was operated upon at the age of 14 to clear out the sepsis and it was discovered that she had to undergo corrective surgery including hip replacement in order for her to live a normal life.


Her parents contacted a hospital in india about getting the surgery done and was given the total cost as 3.5 million Naira


For Sammiat’s family, there is no hope of raising this money as they fall below the average income earning family.

Its painful, but you can do something about it!

Join the campaign ‪#‎LetsPlayForSammy‬ to raise the money for her surgery which will be carried out January 2016.

With any amount you could help put a smile on Sammy’s face.

Pay into the account details shown below:
Acct no:       0046988044
Acct name:  Abiodun Sammiat
Bank:           Sterling bank

Contact her sister Jemmy on; +2348161663421

As you give out of the little you have, God will multiply you beyond your imaginations.


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