Meet The Superwomen Ensuring Oxfam’s Humanitarian Aid Is Making Local Change

Humanitarian work has become very important in a world besieged by war, food shortage and diseases. This is especially so for African countries. The help/aid provided by European countries would, however have no effect without the hardworking out in by the locals who do the bulk of the field work. Locals like Gloria Kafuria, Umulkhair Mohamed, and Aimeline Elukesu who work with Oxfam in remote areas to ensure the vulnerable communities and families receive the aid they need.

Gloria Kafuria

Gloria is a water and sanitation engineer, the WASH coordinator for the Burundi Refugee Response Program in Tanzania, Umulkhair is a food security expert while Aimeline is a Public Health Engineer assistant in South Kivu, DRC. The three women each find joy in their work with Gloria, a Somali, saying she is happy to get a chance to give a good name to Somali Muslim women with her humanitarian efforts.

Though challenging and demanding, sometimes spending weeks working in remote areas to, the trio are happy for the opportunity to give people in need hope for a better tomorrow, a chance for them to be the providers of that hope, a chance to show their own people that it is possible to make a real difference, and also a platform to remind those who need aid that the world has not forgot about them.

Umulkhair Mohamed
Umulkhair Mohamed

To achieve these, they have had to overcome such challenges as pastoralists lack of support and confidence for young women, difficulties leading men who don’t see why they should follow a woman’s directives, and working in sensitive areas, especially ones prone to sudden eruptions of violence.

These things don’t stop superwomen from going into the field each day and getting the job done, bringing succour to those who need it most.

Aimeline Elukesu
Aimeline Elukesu








They have, in addition to providing help, gained in return. For Umulkhair, the job has helped her build her self-confidence while Aimeline has gained inspiration from every victory achieved and headway made. They advise women to join the humanitarian effort by gett8ng good grades first and also being mentally prepared for the rigors as those who need the help most stay in remote areas.

We are inspired by the good work being done by these women, the support they give fellow women and their perseverance in the face of challenges.

Source: SheLeadsAfrica

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