We help  businesses drive their brand visibility and sales globally using innovative strategies and technological  tools. We use both traditional and digital marketing strategies.
We are passionate about growing businesses, setting their marketing strategies and placing their culture and products at the forefront of the economy, so our marketing professionals use Espact digital tools to attract sales for businesses.
Our organisation is committed to growing the relevance and popularity of businesses by using our robust publicity team and channels to inform the general public about it. We help entrepreneurs and businesses increase their level of popularity amidst target market.
Market Research and Customer Segmentation:

We conduct in-depth market research to understand customer preferences, needs, and trends.

Segment our target audience based on demographics, behavior, and purchasing power.

Media buying and planning

We have the right expertise to plan and secure spots for you on traditional ( newspaper,  television   radio, Billboard) and digital channels (website, social media platforms) works with your budget and will achieve your set goals.


We use both traditional ( radio jingles,  TV advert, billboard) and digital channels to market our clients’ brand. We implement SEO and content marketing strategies to improve online visibility and drive organic traffic.

The digital options includes: social media management, email marketing, content marketing, and more

Public Relations 

Our team of professionals are keen about  the image of our clients in the public eyes and mind, so we put in our best to position our  clients brand in the most suitable way. Our public relations services are:
  • Reputation management.
  • Crisis management.
  • Media relations.
  • Social media.
  • Speech writing.
  • Press releases.
  • Event planning.


Creating a brand can be overwhelming, but with Espact, you don’t have to do it alone.

Our team of experts is here to help you develop a strong, memorable brand that reflects who you are and what you stand for.
From your logo and color palette to your website and marketing materials, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your brand is consistent and resonates with your target audience.

Let Espact be your partner in branding and set yourself up for success.

Our brand services

▪︎ Brand identity; brand logo, brand,  guide, brand visuals , brand research and development

▪︎ Brand strategy

▪︎ Marketing materials

▪︎ Website design

Influencer Partnerships:

Collaborate with influencers and industry experts to promote our products and share endorsements. Leverage influences credibility to reach wider audiences.

Content Creation:

Develop press releases,  advert video content, nformative blog posts, videos, and infographics that showcase our expertise and educate customers.

Share content across social media and email channels.

Experiential marketing 

–  We organize trade shows and exhibitions for clients to showcase their products as well as network with potential business partners and customers.