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How Steven Burton Left Music To Pursue His Real Passion

Search until you find the passion that burns with no end. After chasing a music career for years, Steven Burton was burned out and decided to change direction by starting his own business. Leaning on knowledge he previously gained as a fashion salesman, his strong professional network, and a deep understanding of the modern shopping experience, he created Perfect Tux.

Perfect Tux, according to him, was founded with a vision to revolutionize the formalwear industry by using technology and the creative minds of their team. Having started his first e-commerce business at 18, Burton, knew there was a niche opportunity to provide the growing men’s market with a bespoke style formal wear website. But simply recognizing the need for something is only half the battle; being able to implement it, and implement it well is paramount. And that is where Burton’s motto kicks in.


In fact, his very first e-commerce business sold hip-hop clothing and accessories back in the early 2000s. He took the money he made from that first business and invested it into his own music career. In addition to working on his own music over nearly a decade, he launched his own music licensing company that provided songs for TV shows and movies.

When things began to quiet down on that front, Burton made the leap into the menswear industry fully. Although he was an integral and highly successful member of the company he worked for —one which he helped grow to a million dollars in revenue— he felt unfulfilled and unappreciated in his job. That’s when he decided to break out and launch Perfect Tux.
He believed that tuexdos can be sold at affordable rates just like the ladies wears. If ladies can hold on to their cloths, Steven said, “do men really want to wear something that has been worn by dozens of others and washed repeatedly on the biggest day of their lives? I feel they would rather hold on to that important garment the same way women are able to keep their wedding dresses,” adds Burton.

Perfect Tux has a wide range of items from full tuxedos for men and boys to menswear for women. Though his goal is to create a successful business, the 32 year-old founder, aims to give back to his community as well. His mission is to educate minority youth on the importance of being well dressed, owning a business, and building wealth.
“I want to be the type of entrepreneur that creates multiple businesses. It’s about thinking long term, building assets and creating positive cashflow,” says Burton.

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