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South Africa’s Chantel Named World Best Lady Chef

Chantel Dartnall, a South African from Elandsfontein has been named the best female chef in the world. She is sure a great example of an exceptional woman.

The 37 years old Chantel, owner and head of Restaurant Mosaic in Elandsfontein, near Pretoria, South Africa, bagged this prestigious international award on the 25th of October as one of the highest placed women in the world.

Although talented, she wasn’t set on winning as her only goal was to meet her idols
“Its a major award when you look at other chefs who were nominated such as Elena Arzak and Sophia Pic, who have been the Michelin stars. I’ve always admires them all” she said.

Asides training under master chefs in three-star restaurants, she has since been adding accolades to her achievwments. She was named South African chef of the year in 2014 and now she has become the world’s beat chef.

Singlehandedly, this amazing woman has run her restaurant for 11 years and it is still one of the top places to be in South Africa. Her restaurant, Restaurant Mosaic draws inspiration and utilizes fresh and seasonal produce to create emotional food experiences


She has been dedicated to her work of producing mouth watering, palate exploding dishes all her life and now her effort is finally paying off.

Well Done Chantel! We Wish You More Of Such Achievement.

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