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Solar Energy Can Develop Africa’s Agriculture-Expert

An Energy expert recently explained that Solar energy doesnt function only has an alternative power supply source in Africa but also as a boost to the continent’s agriculture.

This was made known by Ben Good, the executive director of Energy for Impact, a non-governmental organization based in Nairobi, Kenya who discussed the place of the energy revolution in agriculture in Africa with Africanews.

This means farmers will have to turn to revolutionary energy systems to limit losses, and increase yields to achieve food self-sufficiency.

African countries need to revise their production methods to make up for the existing deficit balance between imports and exports of agricultural products.

They must, according to experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, include innovative systems such as agricultural data or solar energy in production mechanisms.

The use of these technologies will help reverse the trend and increase productivity and resilience according to the World Bank.

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