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Social Media Marketing’s Best Practices

A complete guide to getting customers on social media. It is an online Social Media Marketing master class. Read carefully and drop feedbacks or questions.

Ever since the world became a global village, there is hardly any product or service, you can’t get buyers for on social media. The act of leveraging on social media has made it easy for many businesses who practice the right techniques to get great sales.

Now, what are the right techniques? How best can results be achieved from social media marketing? How can customers be gotten from social media?

To answer these questions I have put some of the proven techniques we use for our brand and the businesses we manage. These techniques work for all types of businesses and can be used to increase a business’ visibility and sales if practiced well and consistently.

Before explaining the techniques let’s have an in-depth understanding of social media marketing.

It is important you know that social media marketing is a type of digital marketing, not digital marketing itself. Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts done through an electronic device or the internet. Examples are: pay per click, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing among others.

Social media marketing is an act of creating awareness about your products or services through social media channels. Through social media marketing you can  increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and generate sales leads for your business and a lot more. The channels you can use in social media marketing include Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn,Telegram , Instagram and a lot more

Now let’s talk about social media marketing’s best practices:

Social media marketing strategy is very important!

For everything human beings do that yields result, there is always a strategy. Strategy actS as a guide and foundation that other activities are laid on. Social media marketing strategy is an in-depth analysis of how you plan to build awareness for your business and grow your following on social media channels.

Creating a social media strategy includes setting marketing goals, choosing the right networks to use, and measuring your desired results. Your strategy ensures social media has a positive impact on your business.
This will also help you tackle your business goals with a sense of purpose.

Step 1

Set Your Social Media Goals:

These goals are those selected targets you want to meet through social media marketing. They can cut across the number of new followers you want periodically, how many of them you want to convert to real customers, brand awareness increase, new leads generation, driving website traffic, increase online sales, strengthening customer support and more.

Step 2

Determine Which Social Media Channels Are Right for You

To figure out which social media channel works for your business start by reviewing the major ones and what they’re best for. Here is my review:

Facebook: Reach a wide audience, run advertisements, and share live videos.

Twitter: Share timely news, post articles, and provide customer service.

Instagram: Share quality photos and videos of products, staff, and customers.

LinkedIn: Make professional connections, share industry or company news, and post jobs.

Pinterest: Share product photos, drive website traffic, and increase sales.

YouTube: Share instructional videos, funny videos, or product review videos.

Snapchat: Connect with a younger demographic through timely images and videos.

Now choose the best 3 social media channels that suit your business. For Espact our best three are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. But we have  Instagram and Youtube account too.

Step 3

Analyse Your Competitors

To do these you need to look up for a couple of your competitors and analyse their social media presence. Check; the number of their followers, what they’re posting, how often they’re posting, the average number of Likes and comments:

Step 4

Create a Social Media Calendar

To create your social media schedule start by making a list of all the different types of content you’d like to share, these contents much speak to your audience. Examples include helpful articles, staff photos, links to the event schedule, instructional videos, and discounts.

Social Media Calendar

You can try to include a mix of content that is 80% helpful and entertaining and 20% sales-driven and promotional. Just ensure they will engage you customers i.e drive them to comment, like or share. You can end your post with call to action words like, what’s your thought? Do you agree? Do you have any question? Share your opinion and a lot more.

For social media schedule, you can also free management tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. This will help you in posting consistently, as this is very important in attracting and building followers.

Note: Your text and visual contents has to be of top quality. For graphics use apps like Canva, desygner and adobe spark.

Step 5

Promote Your Social Media Channels

When you post your engaging content ensure you promote them too. This will help you get them across to more people. At Espact we most promote the most engaging contents weekly. We also promote contents that are every valuable for more people to see.

Promote your channels through:

❏Your website: Add social media buttons to your website.

❏ Your email list: Include social media buttons in the footer of every marketing email.

❏ Your email signature: Add social media links to your business’ email signature.

❏ Social advertisements: Run adverts on social media channels to get in front of new audience members.

Step 6

Measure Your Results

To measure the results of your social media marketing, use each channel’s analytics platform to review metrics on monthly basis. Examples of metrics are :

Followers/Likes – Shows the size of your social media audience

Reach – Shows how many people are actually seeing your social media posts

Engagements – The number of Likes, Comments, and Shares your content receives

Clicks – The number of times your posts are clicked on

These six steps are all you need to get the right customers.

One more bonus point, do giveaways once in a while. It could be cash prize or gift from sponsors or your brand.

Hope you enjoyed this online class, don’t forget to drop us a comment or ask questions below.

Espact offers training to individuals and corporate teams on :

1. Social media marketing and Digital Design

2. Advanced Digital Marketing

They come with certifications. We also manage social media pages for individuals and businesses. For more information on this, send a Whatsapp message to +2348081553042 or an email to

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