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Six Successful Entrepreneurs Revealed Best Business Advice You Need To Know


Successful entrepreneurs don’t just make it overnight, they worked for success, fight for success, stuggle with success before they could achieve success in every of their businesses.

This successful entrepreneurs decided to share their best business advice for other entrepreneurs to learn from them, not just to learn from them but also to make use of the advice in their business which will bring growth and success to their business as well.

Here are the six best business advices from successful entrepreneurs:

Daymond John, Founder Of FUBU And Entrepreneur: You Can Never Save Too Much Money.

Daymond John advice that, you have to save money in your business because you never know at one point or another, you’re going to have to bring it back and invest it back into that business. So therefore continue to save in that business.

Liz Wessel, Co-Founder And CEO Of WayUp: Choose Your Career As You Would Choose Your Spouse

Liz Wessel adviced that choosing a career should be taken as seriously as choosing a spouse, since you’ll probably end up spending more time in your job or business than with your spouse for the foreseeable future. So, be stable with one career or business, let people know you well with your business before you jump to another business.

Ashif Mawji, CEO Of Trust Science: Stick To The Basics When Running A Business

Ashif Mawji had an Opportunity to have dinner with Warren Buffett and Warren told him that keeping things simple and focusing on the basics is a key differentiator.

Now, Ashif Mawji is also advising entrepreneurs thatstick to the basics when running a business because keeping things simple also helps with being first to market and providing a product that people can grasp and use.

Chris Fanini, Co-Founder Of Weebly: Don’t Be Afraid To Push The Boundaries

Chris Fanini advice that it is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. It’s more about pushing boundaries not as much about abusing the situation, but know the right time when you are to push the boundaries in your business.

Jim Estill, CEO of Danby: Fail Often, Fail Fast And Fail Cheap

As an entrepreneur, having a failure does not make you a failure because people or companies that fail often, fail fast and fail cheap, win more later in the future. They win more because they failed severally and they learnt so much from their failure, by the time they gather all the experience they had in failure, it turns to success for them.

Allison Page, Co-Founder And Head Of Product Of SevenRooms: There Is No Substitute For Hard work

Allison advice that spend hustling and working towards your goals espacially as an entrepreneur building a business.

“Nothing comes easy in business or in life, you have to work hard for it on a daily basis.

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