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The Seychelles, Morocco and South Africa tops list of African countries with better access to Internet

Seychelles, Morocco and South Africa

The Seychelles, Morocco and South Africa on the top list of countries in Africa with better access to the Internet on the continent.

These three countries have the best connection in respect of connection in Africa.

More than half of their population has access to the network, according to statistics in real time published by Internet live status.

The three countries are closely followed by Tunisia, Nigeria and Kenya.

A special mention is given to Nigeria which the first place in terms of the number of citizens within the country.

At the bottom of the list, are four countries with less than two percent of access to the Internet there are Eritrea, Burundi, and Guinea.

A year ago Mali and Lesotho recorded a penetration rate of more than 18%.

In this same category, we find the Cameroon which is also a leap forward with a 16. 5 % rate of access.

The result of this is probably accounts of the of the Internet in the two anglophone minority regions in the country.

In sub-Saharan Africa, a major obstacle that keeps millions from achieving universal digital access is geographical location. Many landlocked African nations or rural areas that are far from cable landing stations struggle to access efficient and cost-effective networks.

Users in landlocked countries in Africa pay on average $232 more per month for fixed broadband access than those living in coastal areas, according to the World Bank’s recent 2016 Digital Dividends report.


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