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From A School Dropout To Successful Flower Business Owner : Inspiring Story Of Fikirini Katana

The story of a vibrant Kenyan Fikirini Karina is a true testament to how far determination can take an individual.

Katina’s love for flowers and plant’s beauty blossomed from a young age and nearly pruned flowers never failed to fascinate him. Pruning flowers became a hobby to him but he however had to stop it as school took up most of his time.

Unable to pay his fees, Katana had to drop out of school at form one and began hustling from hand to mouth. Making up his mind not to become a nuisance to the community, he picked up his old hobby. He discovered the business opportunity in it when a neighbour paid him for managing her garden.

He decided to take the job seriously and began selling flowers and doing landscaping until he had gathered enough funds with which he used to open his own enterprise, Mnarani Garden centre in 2015.

Constantly pumped by relentless determination and passion, the business blossomed under his care and has grown so much that celebrities like Tawfiq Balabala, MacDonald Marina and other Kenya’s rich folks.

Asides from his knowledge in the art, he also makes exquisite flower pots, each with its own custom design, that has been widely accepted by Kenyans. His business is now sought out for by rich clients and others in the community, who buys his flower pots which are sold for Sh10,000.

“It has been three years of hard work. When I started, j only did small jobs in Kiwandani and other villages within Kilifi town but now I have established myself and clients are coming buy to but the pots and sometimes I get orders to do the landscaping on private homes. My business has picked up and I am planning to go back to schooli know education is the only to

Well Done Fikirini Katana! We Celebrate  You!

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