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With Rubber Sandals, Ethiopia’s Amogne Sendeku Wins International Marathon Race

An individual’s limit is defined by his or her mindset not financial status or background, this statement was confirmed by an Ethiopian althete, Amogne Sendeku Alelgn who emerged the winner of Songshan Shaolin International Marathon in Henan province, China.


Despite not having an athletic boot for the race,the amazing runner surprised everyone with his performance while on just a pair of rubbet sandals, on October 29, 2017.
Amogne won the men’s competition with a result of 2 hours, 28 minutes and 2 seconds, earning himself a medal blessed at the shaolin temple as well as 20,000 yuan.

Amonge Sendeku
Amonge Sendeku

Photos of him running in a pair of blue sandals went viral, attracting various comments from his fans who had termed it his ‘magic weapon’.

“The African runner is truly talented. Compared to the other competitors with much better althetic tools, his sandals seem to be a fair statement on his true ability, telling the world that a good runner can run without any outside assistance” a citizen wrote on Sina Wabo.

Following speculations on whether the sandals actually boost his stamina as he also won last week’s Jingyuan international marathon in Gansu provice with the same pair of sandals, Amogne Sendeku in an interview attested his success to good luck and intense training rather than special powers.

Article’s Bottom Line: Nothing Can Stop You If You’re Determined To Your Set Goal.

Well Done Amonge Sendeku!

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