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roHealth Officially Launches In Nigeria, Provides Free Health Insurance For SMBs

Nigeria-based healthtech, roHealth has rolled out a free health plan coverage for SMBs in Nigeria.

” roHealth is on a mission to increase access to healthcare in Nigerians by providing free health Insurance for a limited period. A lot of companies do not trust HMOs and believe that it does not provide value to their employees. We are here to give them the opportunity to get their employees to try it out.”

This launch is a pilot for expansion across Africa where it can deploy its solution which allows employees choose healthcare plans that fit them within a set budget by their employer.

“We are a platform that gives employees greater decision-making control over their health insurance with cashback when it is not used. Employers use the platform by uploading their employees and setting a budget. Employees can choose from over 100 Health Plans from top HMOs in Nigeria” Olude the founder of ro health said

With access to roHealth’s APIs, their partners can achieve their goals of bringing Healthcare closer to their customers and staff. These partnerships would help roHealth reach millions of Nigerians faster.

“Nigerians have different health needs and budgets, but what we’ve realised from our partners is that partnering with one HMO excludes them from working with another. But working with roHealth as a partner creates that opportunity to be able to connect as many HMOs as possible by connecting to the roHealth APIs as a service”.

Businesses with a minimum of 5 Staff can access this offering on the roHealth website and benefits covering Laboratory, Accidents, Surgery and other medical expenses.

At the event, Olude said there are plans to work with banks, retail shops and businesses, among others, to enable customers to get healthcare coverage after spending a certain amount within a month.

“Say for example, you buy stuff at Shoprite, based on some of the partnerships we are working on, once you buy produce up to a certain amount, Shoprite automatically covers your healthcare for that month.”

A customer who meets the requirements is automatically covered for that month, without having to change their lifestyle or their spend.

Since its inception 4 months ago, over 7000 lives and 500 businesses actively use roHealth for making their health coverage dec

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